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Adventures in VolunTourism: The Most Rewarding Hawai’i Vacation Experiences Not Found in Guidebooks

Most visitors don’t know that the Hawaiian islands have amazing voluntourism opportunities where they can be part of a circle that enriches everything and everyone.

Hawaiʻi has always been a favorite vacation destination but most tourists don’t know that some of the best adventures NOT found in any guidebook and they may be missing out on some of the most life changing experiences that the islands have to offer that go far beyond the beaches and popular attractions.

Visitors have been eager to return to Hawai‘i to enjoy its natural beauty and the spirit of the islands rooted in native Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian islands are legendary for their stunning natural beauty, plants and animals that exist nowhere else in the world, and the tightly knit community of 1.4 million residents that welcome visitors with the Spirit of Aloha to the tropical place they call home.

John De Fries was born and raised in Waikīkī and is the President and CEO of the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority (HTA). In recent TV interviews, he shared, “It’s time to reclaim all the things we love including travel and experience destinations on a much deeper and meaningful level. Hawaiʻi’s beautiful beaches are always a main attraction, but we have so much more to offer.”

Most visitors don’t know that the Hawaiian islands have amazing voluntourism opportunities where they can be part of a circle that enriches everything and everyone. In fact, through the Mālama Hawaiʻi Program, visitors can engage in volunteer activities working alongside members of the local community to experience Hawaiʻi on a much deeper and connected level, so they return home more rejuvenated and inspired by this unique experience.

De Fries says, “Mālama means to care for and whether you’re visiting the islands or Hawai’i is your home, we have so many ways to work with our community side by side and immerse yourself in our unique land, ocean, and unique wildlife projects so that you’re not just a visitor, but you can become part of the fabric of our islands as well.”

Some of the voluntourism experiences include hiking deep into Hawai’i’s forests to plant native trees that are being permanently threatened. Also, Hawaiian monk seals, green sea turtles and coral reefs are highly endangered and visitors can get involved in projects to replant coral reefs or self-directed beach clean-up that help protect marine life. Finally, one of the world’s most famous battleships, the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, has a restoration project that visitors take part in to help preserve this iconic American treasure.

John De Fries concluded, “We’ve also implemented a reservation system for certain tourism “hotspots” like Lēʻahi, or Diamond Head State Monument, to distribute capacity for the well being of natural resources, visitors, and residents. Traveling to Hawai’i comes with a kuleana, or responsibility and privilege. A kuleana to not only care for the land, but for all the people and wildlife who call the islands home and we’re inviting tourists to join us in that effort.”

Hawai’i is home to unimaginable beauty and living things that inhabit Hawai’i are found nowhere else in the world and that is why it’s essential to protect the islands for future generations. To find about more about how to take a trip that gives back, visit GoHawaii.com/malama.

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Website: https://www.gohawaii.com/

Virtual Nurse Rx Now Provides Specialized Mental Health Virtual Assistants For Psychiatrists


Virtual Nurse Rx just announced new services tailored to mental health professionals. Their Mental Health Virtual Assistants are U.S registered nurses with experience in mental healthcare. They can help with tasks such as scheduling appointments, handling insurance claims, and managing patient records. They also offer 24/7 patient monitoring.

Virtual Nurse Rx has announced new services specifically for mental health professionals. Their Mental Health virtual assistants are U.S registered nurses with experience in mental healthcare.

This is a boon for psychiatrists who often have trouble keeping up with the administrative demands of their job. With a Virtual Nurse on hand, they can focus on what they’re good at – treating patients.

For more information on Virtual Nurse Rx, click here.

What Do Psychiatrists Do?
Psychiatrists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating mental illness and other mental conditions. Psychiatrists use a combination of medication, therapy, and other treatments to help their patients.

Top-rated psychiatrists usually have several years of experience and are well-respected by their peers. They often have a private practice where they see patients by appointment only. These psychiatrists are often incredibly busy, but usually only have access to limited staff that includes a receptionist, nurse, and office manager.

How A Mental Health Virtual Assistant Can Assist A Psychiatrist’s Practice

A Mental Health virtual assistant can take on many of the administrative tasks that take up a psychiatrist’s time. This includes scheduling appointments, handling insurance claims, and managing patient records.

With a Virtual Nurse on staff, a psychiatrist can focus on what they’re good at – treating patients. This can lead to better outcomes for patients and a more successful practice overall.

If you’re a psychiatrist who is looking for ways to improve your practice and avoid burnout, consider hiring a Mental Health virtual assistant. You won’t be disappointed.

What Tasks Can You Assign A Mental Health Virtual Assistant?

If you’ve never worked with a Mental Health VA before, you might wonder what they can do. Here are some examples of tasks that you can assign to a Mental Health virtual assistant:

– Scheduling appointments

Mental Health VAs can take care of all the scheduling for you. This includes setting up new patient appointments, follow-up appointments, and any other type of appointment that you might need, even personal doctor’s appointments or even car service appointments for you.

– Handling insurance claims

Mental Health VAs can also help with the insurance claims process. They can submit claims on behalf of your patients and track them to ensure that they’re being processed correctly.

– Managing patient records

Mental Health VAs can also manage your patient records. This includes keeping track of important information, such as medications, treatment plans, and progress notes.

– Answering phone calls

Another task that you can assign to a Mental Health Virtual Assistant is answering phone calls. This can include screening calls, taking messages, and even transferring calls to the appropriate person.

– Making travel arrangements

If you need to travel for work, a Mental Health VA can take care of all the details for you. This includes making hotel and air travel arrangements, as well as renting a car.

– Sending emails

Mental Health Virtual Assistants can also send emails on your behalf. This can include sending appointment reminders, thank-you notes, or even follow-up questions after a patient’s appointment. You can also leave them in charge of managing your email inbox for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Mental Health Virtual Assistant?

There are many benefits to hiring a Mental Health Virtual Assistant. Here are just a few:

– Save time

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Mental Health VA is that they can save you a lot of time. By taking on some of the administrative tasks that take up your time, they can free you up to focus on more important things, such as treating your patients.

– Improve patient care

Another benefit of hiring a Mental Health VA is that they can help improve patient care. This is because they can take care of tasks that you might not have time for, such as following up with patients after their appointments or managing your schedule so that you have more time for
each patient.

– Reduce stress

Another benefit of hiring a Mental Health VA is that they can help reduce your stress levels. This is because they can take on some of the tasks that you might find stressful, such as dealing with insurance claims or managing your schedule.

– Improve practice efficiency

A final benefit of hiring a Mental Health VA is that they can help improve the efficiency of your practice. This is because they can handle many of the administrative tasks that take up your time, such as scheduling appointments, handling insurance claims, and answering patient questions.

More About Virtual Nurse Rx

Virtual Nurse Rx is a leading provider of Mental Health virtual nursing services. They have a team of experienced and knowledgeable nurses who can assist you with all your administrative needs, specifically tailored for mental health practices.

Their Mental Health Virtual Assistants are U.S registered nurses with experience in mental healthcare. They can help you with a variety of tasks, including scheduling appointments, handling insurance claims, and managing patient records. They can also assist with 24/7 patient monitoring.

If you’re interested in learning more about their services, visit their social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: William Schimensky
Email: William Schimensky
Phone: 8135364481
Address: 4846 SUN CITY CENTER BLVD 259
City: Sun City Center
State: fl
Country: United States
Website: https://www.virtualnurserx.com/

Virtual Nurse Rx Announces HIPAA Training Requirements for their Mental Health Virtual Assistants

Virtual Nurse Rx announces new HIPAA training requirements for their mental health virtual assistants. In order to ensure that their virtual medical assistants are properly trained in handling personal health information (PHI), Virtual Nurse Rx made it a requirement to pass the HIPAA course for all their staff. This is especially important for their Medical and Mental Health Virtual Assistants.

Virtual Nurse Rx is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its clients’ patient health information (PHI). In order to ensure that their virtual medical assistants are properly trained in handling PHI, they have announced new HIPAA training requirements. This includes completing a comprehensive course on the basics of HIPAA compliance and ongoing annual training. By implementing these requirements, Virtual Nurse Rx is demonstrating its dedication to safeguarding client data. Mental health counselors and other medical professionals can be confident that their information is in safe hands when working with Virtual Nurse Rx. For more information, take a look at the Virtual Nurse Rx website page for Mental Health Professionals.

Virtual Nurse Rx’s new HIPAA training requirements for their virtual medical assistants place them above all other virtual assistant agencies. All staff working for Virtual Nurse Rx must pass the HIPAA training course. Exams are written annually and staff gets monitored during all working hours. Virtual assistants from Virtual Nurse Rx are required to work in a private home office. They are also monitored by live camera feeds and security breach programs.

What Security Measures Does Virtual Nurse Rx Have In Place?

Virtual Nurse Rx is a leading provider of Virtual Medical Assistants for Mental Health Counselors. “We are committed to providing the highest quality care possible, and doing so in a secure and confidential manner,” said the founder of Virtual Nurse Rx. Virtual Nurse Rx has a number of security measures in place to ensure that its client’s information is always safe and protected. Their Virtual Medical Assistants are experienced and certified professionals who undergo regular training to keep up to date with the latest security protocols. In addition, all of their Virtual Medical Assistants are required to sign a confidentiality agreement before they can begin working with clients. “We take security seriously” comments the project manager of Virtual Nurse Rx. 

All assistants working for Virtual Nurse Rx are monitored by real-time security breach programs. They are also required to work in a private home office monitored by live feed cameras to make sure all data is handled in the correct manner and to prevent any data leaks. In case of attempted hacks or illegal data downloads, the security breach program will shut down all communication to the affected device to prevent any data leaks.

What does HIPAA Compliance Entail?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is part of the U.S. law that requires healthcare organizations to take steps to protect the confidentiality of patient health information. This includes ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to PHI and implementing safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure. HIPAA also requires covered entities to provide patients with notice of their privacy rights and maintain accurate records of disclosures of PHI. 

By requiring their virtual medical assistants to complete a comprehensive course on HIPAA compliance and undergo annual training, Virtual Nurse Rx is demonstrating its commitment to protecting the privacy and security of its client’s PHI. This makes them the virtual assistant agency of choice for those looking for the highest level of data protection.

More About Virtual Nurse Rx

Virtual Nurse Rx is the leading virtual medical assistant agency. They provide top-rated U.S based virtual medical assistants to mental and medical health professionals and facilities throughout the United States. All of their virtual medical assistants are U.S. registered nurses and are HIPAA compliant. Virtual Nurse Rx is committed to protecting the privacy and security of their clients’ PHI and takes measures to ensure that their virtual medical assistants are properly trained in handling this type of information.

When you hire a virtual medical assistant through Virtual Nurse Rx, you are guaranteed a few things. First, you’ll be getting someone who is highly trained and experienced in the field of medical assistance. Second, you’ll be getting someone who is reliable and trustworthy. And third, you’ll be getting someone who is committed to providing you with the best possible service. Best of all, you can rest assured that your and your client’s personal information is protected.

Visit their website for more information about their services or follow them on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Media Contact
Company Name: Virtual Nurse RX
Contact Person: William Schimensky
Email: my@virtualnurserx.com
Phone: 8135364481
Address: 4846 SUN CITY CENTER BLVD 259
City: Sun City Center
State: FL
Country: United States
Website: https://www.virtualnurserx.com/

Einvestment’s Offshore Funds Account Provides an Automated and Paperless Method for Wealth Management


Offshore funds offer a unique set of advantages for wealth management. EInvestment paperless account is simple to set up and provides secure access for investors looking to diversify.

April 2022: Einvestment employs over 110 investment talents.. Their management team is made up of senior industry professionals drawn from world-recognized names in the financial services industry. The diverse and capable company has accomplished a unique product that enables investors to access offshore funds with ease of use, all done through an automated and paperless process.

Einvestment Fund is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, a reputable and well-known jurisdiction for asset management. Governed by centuries of English Common financial law, the highly stable environment also allows for wealth management flexibility and a separate investment opportunity for other geographical areas.

Einvestment’s “Investing Roadmap” is a series of steps investors can take to start benefiting from offshore funds. The process is well automated and users can get started without the cumbersome hassle of a ton of paperwork. Instead, the company has a simple process specifically designed to make offshore investing easy.

Securely and with no paperwork, investors go through automated identity verification. Once complete, investors can electronically add funds and sign their contract with an eSignature. The system proves helpful in getting investors going without delay. Once onboard, users continue to manage their accounts and track their performance without paper. Monthly earnings can either be withdrawn or reinvested. Importantly, all this is done in a secure environment.  

Einvestment’s offshore funds come in two different flavors and risk tolerances. The Sustainable Growth SP aims for a high level of long-term total return that is consistent with a conservative level of risk. The other portfolio, the Extra High Yield SP, seeks to generate income with a high-yielding portfolio of attractive risk/return potential. Both funds can be opened with the automated paperless process.

These funds have enjoyed success, with 85% of investment periods having positive returns. Featured industries include AI & robotics, software, health care, fintech, and digital assets. Assets under management are €253M. Visit https://einvestment.com/offshore-investments/ to find out more details.

About Einvestment.

Authorized and regulated since 2018, Einvestment platform is powered, owned, and operated by a closed-end mutual fund. The fund operates as a Segregated Portfolio Company and offers a selection of different Segregated Portfolios for asset allocation. EInvestment has a robust background in client relationship management, team leadership, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance.

Contact Info:
Name: Marco Rotondi
Email: pr@einvestment.com
Organization: Einvestment
Address: The Harbour Centre, Fl. 3, 42 N Church St, George Town, Cayman Islands
Phone: +13457691880
Website: https://einvestment.com

The Cryptex Platform Continues to Contribute to Building Positive Sentiment for Blockchain and Crypto Technologies


Blockchain and cryptocurrency leader Cryptex uses high security and absolute anonymity  to provide customers with more purchasing options using blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.   

March 23: Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency continue to work their way into more traditional transactions and uses. Everyday, people all over the world are able to do more of their finances using digital methods based on blockchain technology. These days, even giants like Microsoft are letting their customers top off their accounts with Bitcoin.

As crypto currencies expand, Cryptex, a secure and anonymous crypto exchange, has been concentrating on providing the public useful tools and abilities to do more business using blockchain technology. The company continues to innovate in order to help users participate more in crypto related activities. 

Although blockchain momentum may appear to some as fast paced, in truth it is made up of smaller contributions to the ecosystem. Crytpex has actively participated in these ongoing advancements by following industry trends and including itself in crypto niches. 

Cryptex helps with transactions both large and small.  On the higher end, Cryptex customers can now purchase real estate, cars and luxury goods with crypto using digital currency. Cryptex experts continue to research solutions for purchasing other assets that traditionally have not been completed with crypto currencies and they are finding clever solutions as they do. 

For smaller transactions, Cyrptex has been sure to make use of more stable cryptocurrencies. This stability can come from different factors, including faster transactions and tethered coins. With these more stable blockchain money forms, customers have confidence in using crypto for day to day transactions. 

“People want to use crypto currencies everywhere and in all sorts of ways, whether it is buying shoes online, or a sports car from a collector,” says a company representative. “We have found that not only is it our job to provide an exchange to complete these transactions, but also to give guidance to our customers on the many ways to take advantage of secure and anonymous trading within a robust market” the spokesman further explains.  

Although the trading platform is simple to use, it is also safe and enables up to 5 levels of account security for enhanced protection. The company considers ease of use along with top notch security their main priorities, opening all sorts of possibilities for cryptocurrency use. 

About Cryptex

Founded in 2016, Cryptex’s platform provides to their customers private services with a personal touch. Every transaction is safe and comes with the utmost anonymity, something their customers demand. The company’s philosophy is to open the crypto markets without limits or constraints. To know more, visit their website at https://cryptex.net 


Einvestment’s Offshore Funds Help Investors Refine Their Portfolios with Goal-Based Solutions

EInvestment, backed by a top-performing offshore mutual fund, offers diverse solutions that increase returns while lowering risk by spreading assets.

March, 2022: Offshore funds are mutual funds that invest in international or overseas markets. Also known as international funds or foreign funds, these funds invest in the stocks or fixed-income assets of a foreign country or area.

Investing in offshore funds comes with plenty of advantages, such as tax benefits, asset protection, confidentiality, and diversification. However, before investing in offshore mutual funds, it is important to look for a trustworthy company. 

Einvestment, a top-performing offshore mutual fund powerhouse, assures investors 100% exposure to offshore investment opportunities with a high-performance investment account. With Einvestment, investors can invest in different sectors, countries, currencies, and asset classes.

Einvestment Offshore Funds and Investments

Einvestment offers various quality investment options designed to give monthly income while remaining within an investor’s risk tolerance. The fund aims to ensure the safety and security of its client’s assets and the ease with which they can invest and build their portfolios. Einvestment’s focus is to help investors meet their financial goals and expectations of wealth management. 

Advantages to Investing with Einvestment

  • No Subscription or Account Keeping Fees

Einvestment does not charge any subscription fee or account-keeping costs, which is one of the most significant advantages for investors looking to diversify their portfolios using offshore services. Clients will not be required to pay any additional fees before receiving income distributions, which is quite amazing. 

  • Easy Access to High-Performing Assets

The platform provides investors with a wide selection of products as well as global access to asset classes, sectors, regions, and currencies. As a result, the fund’s portfolio managers have created goal-based options for offshore clients looking for monthly income from their assets.

  • Opportunities for Financial Growth

Einvestment provides its clientele with distinct financial growth options. The platform’s onboarding and authorization procedures are simple. The company uses an automatic identification verification process so customers can start investing.

  • More Opportunities 

Investing in offshore funds provides investors opportunities to improve their level of asset protection, participate in outperformed markets, get a same-day paperless account set up, and receive monthly yield distributions. 

According to Executive Director, Martha Vodvik, “Einvestment Mutual Fund predicted the blooming of the digital economy even before COVID-19 hit the world. That’s why the share of digital companies and digital assets in the Fund’s investment portfolio exceeds 75%. Considering the pandemic’s effect, it may increase by up to 85% in the next year.”

Einvestment Fund offers investment solutions that help diversify an investor’s portfolio by using geography, asset classes, currencies, and sector exposures. To learn more about offshore investments, visit https://einvestment.com/offshore-investments  

About Einvestment Fund 

Since 2018, the Einvestment Fund has been a segregated portfolio agency functioning as a mutual fund. The fund’s portfolio managers designed goal-based solutions for foreign investors seeking monthly income and wishing to supplement their investment portfolio with income-generating assets. Investors can choose from a wide range of diversified investment options that give them access to global markets and a wide range of asset classes, sectors, countries, and currencies to make money.

Contact Information
Name: Marco Rotondi
Email: pr@einvestment.com
Organization: Einvestment
Address: The Harbour Centre, Fl. 3, 42 N Church St, George Town, Cayman Islands
Phone: +13457691880
Website: https://einvestment.com

Miracle Wands Opens a Monthly Workshop to Teach Correct Wand Healing Methods and Techniques

Miracle Wand founder and holistic health pioneer Lyndy Ngu will offer ongoing self-care workshops to provide expert guidance on crystal healing techniques.  

Las Vegas, Nv: Anyone looking to learn about a natural, innovative, alternative treatment system for improved health should consider Miracle Wands. Following the lifting of Covid restrictions, Miracle Wands Wellness Center is re-engaging with the holistic health community to share and demonstrate the technique and power behind this system for healing and wellness. The system uses stone rods, made exclusively from mineral rich crystal deposits of Northeastern Australia, believed to contain healing properties. Heated application of the rods to particular areas of the body have shown substantial improved results for various conditions including acne, asthma, back and knee pain, and sinus congestion. Miracle Wands is opening its doors to teach individuals about proper use of the stone rods at their monthly Self-Care Workshops.

“We’re really excited about this workshop,” says Lyndy Ngu, founder of Miracle Wands. “It’s a wonderful way for people to learn how to take care of themselves using our system. We’ll be teaching them how to target specific areas of pain, how to use energy work to boost their own healing, and a lot more.”

The first Self-Care Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 2nd from 4pm to 5pm. For more information and to RSVP, please visit their website: miraclewands.com 

Miracle Wands Re-Engaging With the Wellness Community, Post Covid Restrictions

Miracle Wands, an innovative, all-natural, thermo-therapeutic crystal healing
system, is now re-connecting with the wellness community, post Covid
restrictions. Book an appointment online at https://miraclewands.com

Las Vegas, Nv: COVID-19 has disrupted many businesses. As restrictions
ease, those fortunate enough are restarting their operations.

Miracle Wands Wellness Centers have re-connected with the holistic health
and wellness community. They are now:

● Back to full operations at all 4 shops located in Orange County, Ca., Las
Vegas, Houston, and Australia.
● Regularly adding events to their calendar. Visit the website at
● Offering free consultations for anyone in need of alternative treatments
for health and beauty.

About Miracle Wands

The Miracle Wands rods are made from world class quartz deposits from the
mineral rich region of Northeastern Australia. This modern, all-natural,
thermo-therapeutic crystal healing system offers clients an alternative
approach for healthcare. Each set of hand-held Miracle Wands delivers
focused heat and crystal therapy to address chronic pain, asthma, facial fine
lines and wrinkles, sinus congestion, migraines, seasonal allergies, and much
more. Experience a guided Miracle Wands treatment at the Miracle Wands
Wellness Center in any of the four locations in Orange County, Ca., Houston,
Las Vegas, and Australia.

People looking to reap the benefits of the Miracle Wands system can visit any
of these locations now, or check out the latest events on their website. To
book an appointment with Lyndy Ngu and her team, feel free to contact them
on the website. https://miraclewands.com

Contact Details
Miracle Wands Wellness CenterTM
Phone (appointments): +1-888-788-6066
Address: 9440 W Sahara Ave #135, Las Vegas, NV 89117

BizOp! Launches Innovative Platform Educating Public About Business and Career Opportunities

Founders Teach People How To Start Brick-and-Mortor, Online, and Service Businesses or Land A Job

MIAMI, FL, February 2022: BizOp! introduces an exciting new public website to support people interested in starting small businesses and finding jobs. On the BizOp! platform, the public can access invaluable business information and guidance. Business operations experts guide the public through starting brick-and-mortar, online, and service businesses. For instance, BizOp! teaches the public how to start a cleaning business or create a pop-up store. The BizOp! platform also guides people through the age-old dilemma of establishing a traditional storefront or embracing technology with an online store.

The founders of this platform believe that small business and career information should be freely accessible to all. By creating this unique website, barriers to entry are eliminated, and people from all backgrounds can learn from the founder’s learned experiences and indispensable wealth of knowledge. Business and career information is at the public’s fingertips with the brand new BizOp! website.

BizOp! launches the ultimate resource with its website designed to support entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, and job seekers. For individuals interested in starting a small business, BizOp! dives into the pros and cons, little-known truths, and critical points to consider when getting started. Throughout the small business guide, BizOp! discusses business types, market research, costs, risk appetite, skills, financial planning, and organization requirements.

People will also have access to a helpful financial checklist when visiting the website. The BizOp! Quick Financial Checklist empowers individuals to check whether they are ready to start a financially sound small business. According to the founders of this platform, “Setting up a small business isn’t easy, but if you’re driven to succeed, it can provide the opportunity for some great rewards. It’s important to establish goals and set expectations for yourself before you start.”

To read more about starting a brick-and-mortar, online, or service-oriented business, click here. Additionally, career seekers can visit the BizOp! platform to learn about jobs available in their location or area of expertise. BizOp! Job listings include remote positions, daily pay openings, and long-term career opportunities.

Peter Smith

Plensy™, The World’s First NFT Auto Smart Loans, Announces Launch of Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Plensy™ concluded its Friends and Family Round, and the Seed Funding Opportunity is Now Open to the Public. Americans Can Purchase Equity While Taking Back their Buying Power & Credit Data via Plensy’s Patent-pending AI Scoring & Lending Algorithm

Plensy is now live on Wefunder
Plensy™ Inc. is the World’s First End-to-End Credit & Lending Solution for Car Buyers and Dealerships, allowing consumers to regain control of their purchasing power and credit score while benefiting from interest rates and loan terms that won’t break their bank or threaten their family’s survival.

On the Plensy™ Wefunder campaign page, the general public can now make reservations. Wefunder is a website that connects startups with investors through crowdfunding. The “Kickstarter for Investing” platform makes use of a provision in the JOBS Act of 2012 that allows unaccredited investors to purchase equity in early-stage private companies.

The Points-based Lending System – Plensy™, teamed with Wefunder to offer their future customers the opportunity to purchase Plensy’s initial equity, which offers discounted shares to early Seed Round investors.

The disruptive FinTech company has achieved many milestones in the previous three years prior to the campaign’s launch, including:

  • First company to create the Idea to apply NFTs to Vehicles and coin the term, Auto Smart Loans
  • Patent filed in 2020
  • 120 Dealerships across the United States Signed Agreements to Offer Plensy’s Alternative Lending Solution to its Customers
  • Some of the dealerships are under Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Group and Lithia Motors, Inc., one of the largest automotive group retailers in the United States and is among the fastest-growing companies in Fortune 500
  • Built a more streamlined and modern Dealer Management & Inventory System 2019-2020
  • Auto Finance Innovation Award Nominee – Sam Errama, Founder & CEO
  • Inspirational Woman of the Year Los Angeles Times – Brandi Kolosky, Founding Member & CGO
  • Completed Friends & Family Round with $150k raised
  • Tested 3.3m data points showing a 97% efficacy of predicting default by accurately reflecting the customers’ true ability to pay a loan and their actual creditworthiness

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide a superior value proposition to the consumers and dealerships while providing a significant return for our investors,” Miami Resident and Floridian, Chief Growth Officer / Founding Member of Plensy™, Brandi Kolosky, states. “The vote of confidence and eagerness from everyone over the past year shows that Plensy™ is needed now more than ever to provide a more accurate and faster solution with less risk for the credit and lending industry. We have already made significant headway on our target well before ‘going live’ on Wefunder and look forward to connecting with more fans of Plensy™!”

Erik Day, VP & CFO of the Warren Henry Auto Group’s 14 South Florida dealerships, clarified on the 2021 CXAuto Conference panel with Ms. Kolosky at 1:34:30, “absolutely Plensy™ is needed….we are missing out on a lot of customers due to many factors…”

“We’ve created statistical models and a loan approval prediction to increase the likelihood of a consumer qualifying while reducing missed payments and default rates. We’re employing a logistic regression model with real-time accurate data analytics and smart algorithms to assess a buyer’s true ability to pay, while our predictive analytics algorithm allows us to determine individual interest rates.”, said Plensy’s Founder, Sam Errama.

Plensy™ uses the blockchain to ensure that the above data is accurate, secure, and transparent by combining data points and risk mitigators such as rental history, gig economy income, additional assets, and more. It generates a buyer’s authenticated creditworthiness using its own patent-pending AI without increasing credit risk or creating any discriminatory racial consequences. Plensy™ is the most intricate and necessary part of the equation to disrupt the monopolized for-profit credit score firms, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, by extending the marketplace, diversifying risks, and creating a social effect. Finally, Plensy™ has built in a 20% reserve into its financial model, greatly beyond the industry standard of 5%.

Plensy™ will use the crowdfunds for working capital. The early-bird investment offering, which includes a discount on the valuation cap and perks, will end on February 24, 2022.

More About the Immediate Plensy™ Team:

Founder & CEO, Sam Errama, with a 20-year mastery of applying SaaS, Data, FinTech, SEO, Marketing, and Sales to multiple global sectors, including the automotive, gold, real estate markets, and industries alike, and Muralidhar Margapuri, CTO & Co-Founder of Plensy™ who held a 20-year position as Former Vice President, Information Technology for Citigroup & Banamex Global, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Information Security Compliance, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Technology application experience. He was awarded several times at Banamex, acknowledging his and his team’s efforts of colleagues in aligning with BUSA’s Four Pillars – Fortress Controls, Client Excellence, Employee Engagement, and Shareholder Return.

Kolosky is a polymathic business and marketing leader. Her roles have included International Business Development Director, Capital Fund Raiser, and Chief Growth Officer. She is known for pushing the boundaries of B2B and B2C globally. Brandi launched her own Marketing and PR firm 10 years ago. She then worked alongside the CMO & CFO of FIA Formula1 Electric Racing and helped curate the global race series marketing, sponsors, events, cross-branding, and investor relations. Her efforts introduced a $50M investment to the organization. Soon after she was contracted to solve an energy crypto mining problem, and in that time, she invented & deployed the by-pass of flare on oil fields to power Crypto Mining Pods. January 2020, Brandi became the Managing Director of DealBox, the World’s first Venture Capital firm utilizing Blockchain technology for Digital Securities Issuance where she oversaw roughly $400m in client marketing and investment raises. February of 2021, she onboarded as a Founding Member and Chief Growth Officer for Plensy™.

Wefunder Campaign Page: https://wefunder.com/plensy

We are ‘testing the waters’ to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

Media Contact:
Company Name: Plensy, Inc
Contact Person: Brandi Kolosky
Email: brandi@plensy.com
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NewswireLab Announces NextGenTM Press Release For Marketing on Multiple Platforms

FEBRUARY 9, 2022 – MIAMI, FL – NewswireLab.com, the new website offering innovative press release solutions for today’s business owners is eager to announce their new product now available to purchase. NextGenTM Press Release is a system designed to help brands increase their online reputation, visibility, and reliability. This product gets the word out to active customers who are truly interested in what a company has to offer, eliminating time wasted on unsuccessful marketing strategies while enhancing the brand’s bottom line.

NewswireLab, which originally started as a digital agency in 2003, is a marketing company dedicated to promoting brands using groundbreaking solutions. When they noticed traditional press releases were no longer providing their clients with the results they desired, the team set out to create a system that was advanced enough to work with the changing times yet simple enough for their customers to use with ease. That idea resulted in their innovative NextGenTM Press Release system.

Today’s consumers take in all their information using a variety of devices including their smartphone, home computer, or streaming technology. Because advertising is seen on all types of devices, creating media that can adapt to all these formats can be confusing. With NextGenTM Press Release, however, formatting issues are eliminated, and business owners can focus more on exposing their brand to their target audience.

NextGenTM Press Release works by using the most popular media outlets and formats to accelerate your brand ahead of the competition.  This system offers an effective way for brands to reach out to their target audience and master search engine algorithms with ease. With useful assets including graphic content, audio, and video, NextGenTM Press Release will take your marketing efforts to a next level.

To use the NextGenTM Press Release system, a brand owner must submit their basic information using an online form. Next, the media specialists at NewswireLab will create the brand’s message and remain in close communication to ensure they are getting the right point across to the correct target audience.  Then, they will distribute the message to top media outlets such as FOX, NBC, CBS, YouTube, Alexa, and many more while the client waits for outstanding results.

If you are a business owner who could use some guidance on how to market your business to today’s tech-friendly world, you need to check out NextGenTM Press Release by NewswireLab. With their focus on technology and creative artistry, the marketing experts at NewswireLab will compile all the details to ensure they get your brand’s message just right while creating videos, voice-overs, and written content designed with the modern consumer in mind.

Learn more : https://newswirelab.com/

Release. Media Introduces Newswirelab.com- Now Publish your Press Release on Top-Tier Media and News Sites

Release. Media, a leading digital platform for press releases distribution agencies, launches
Newswirelab.com to expand its PR offerings to retail customers for instant exposure.

7 February 2022 The wholesale-based press release B2B provider, Release.media
has recently introduced Newswirelab.com, the NextGen™ Press Release platform
for retail customers. While media consumption and distribution continue to evolve,
NewsWireLab’s NextGen™ Press Release outperforms all others by using top
providers in a range of formats other than traditional news outlets.

The NewsWireLab distributes press releases to over 400+ authoritative sites, Social
Media, PDF sharing, Slideshows, Social Blogs, Podcasts, News outlets, Videos,
Bots, and Crawlers.

The following are the benefits you will get at NewsWireLab:

● Press Release written by American Professional Copywriters
● Audio PR podcast format creation by American professionals
● Creation of PR Video with subtitles and voice overs
● Slideshow and PDF Creation
● Translation in 10 different languages
● PR distribution to more than 400+ media providers
● Get a complete report of assets and their distribution.

NewsWireLab distributes their customer’s press releases to both traditional media outlets
and new media platforms alike. Top-tier media and news sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX
networks, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, YouTube, Alexa, and more have high impact and
positive results for NewswireLab’s customers. The press releases help businesses increase
visibility and credibility, bringing in potential clients and leads. NewswireLab offers SMEs
access to innovative media products distributed to high quality outlets at an affordable
price, giving even the smallest business a chance to shine.

How does it work?

NewsWireLab follows a simple format. You just need to follow the simple steps and let the
experts do the rest.

Step 1: Submit information with simple to understand online form
Step 2: Let media specialists create and distribute your press release.
Step 3: See the outstanding results

NewsWireLab can help you with professional writing, multimedia, and high-quality
distribution that will help you get your brand seen right away at a low price.

About NewsWireLab

NewswireLab operates as the retail arm of Release. Media, a wholesale provider of press
release distribution. In addition to being a retail division, NewswireLab is structured to be
fast moving and able to keep up with today’s ever changing media landscape. They have
experts who lead the latest trends in the press release and media industries. For their
customers, they provide an easy to use interface at affordable prices, giving NewswireLab
the ability to help any sized businesses get seen, read, heard, and found on top social
platforms and media outlets.

Learn more : https://newswirelab.com/

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