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Miracle Wands Opens a Monthly Workshop to Teach Correct Wand Healing Methods and Techniques

Miracle Wand founder and holistic health pioneer Lyndy Ngu will offer ongoing self-care workshops to provide expert guidance on crystal healing techniques.  

Las Vegas, Nv: Anyone looking to learn about a natural, innovative, alternative treatment system for improved health should consider Miracle Wands. Following the lifting of Covid restrictions, Miracle Wands Wellness Center is re-engaging with the holistic health community to share and demonstrate the technique and power behind this system for healing and wellness. The system uses stone rods, made exclusively from mineral rich crystal deposits of Northeastern Australia, believed to contain healing properties. Heated application of the rods to particular areas of the body have shown substantial improved results for various conditions including acne, asthma, back and knee pain, and sinus congestion. Miracle Wands is opening its doors to teach individuals about proper use of the stone rods at their monthly Self-Care Workshops.

“We’re really excited about this workshop,” says Lyndy Ngu, founder of Miracle Wands. “It’s a wonderful way for people to learn how to take care of themselves using our system. We’ll be teaching them how to target specific areas of pain, how to use energy work to boost their own healing, and a lot more.”

The first Self-Care Workshop will be held on Saturday, April 2nd from 4pm to 5pm. For more information and to RSVP, please visit their website: miraclewands.com 



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