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Miracle Wands Re-Engaging With the Wellness Community, Post Covid Restrictions

Miracle Wands, an innovative, all-natural, thermo-therapeutic crystal healing
system, is now re-connecting with the wellness community, post Covid
restrictions. Book an appointment online at https://miraclewands.com

Las Vegas, Nv: COVID-19 has disrupted many businesses. As restrictions
ease, those fortunate enough are restarting their operations.

Miracle Wands Wellness Centers have re-connected with the holistic health
and wellness community. They are now:

● Back to full operations at all 4 shops located in Orange County, Ca., Las
Vegas, Houston, and Australia.
● Regularly adding events to their calendar. Visit the website at
● Offering free consultations for anyone in need of alternative treatments
for health and beauty.

About Miracle Wands

The Miracle Wands rods are made from world class quartz deposits from the
mineral rich region of Northeastern Australia. This modern, all-natural,
thermo-therapeutic crystal healing system offers clients an alternative
approach for healthcare. Each set of hand-held Miracle Wands delivers
focused heat and crystal therapy to address chronic pain, asthma, facial fine
lines and wrinkles, sinus congestion, migraines, seasonal allergies, and much
more. Experience a guided Miracle Wands treatment at the Miracle Wands
Wellness Center in any of the four locations in Orange County, Ca., Houston,
Las Vegas, and Australia.

People looking to reap the benefits of the Miracle Wands system can visit any
of these locations now, or check out the latest events on their website. To
book an appointment with Lyndy Ngu and her team, feel free to contact them
on the website. https://miraclewands.com

Contact Details
Miracle Wands Wellness CenterTM
Phone (appointments): +1-888-788-6066
Address: 9440 W Sahara Ave #135, Las Vegas, NV 89117



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