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Einvestment’s Offshore Funds Account Provides an Automated and Paperless Method for Wealth Management

Offshore funds offer a unique set of advantages for wealth management. EInvestment paperless account is simple to set up and provides secure access for investors looking to diversify.

April 2022: Einvestment employs over 110 investment talents.. Their management team is made up of senior industry professionals drawn from world-recognized names in the financial services industry. The diverse and capable company has accomplished a unique product that enables investors to access offshore funds with ease of use, all done through an automated and paperless process.

Einvestment Fund is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, a reputable and well-known jurisdiction for asset management. Governed by centuries of English Common financial law, the highly stable environment also allows for wealth management flexibility and a separate investment opportunity for other geographical areas.

Einvestment’s “Investing Roadmap” is a series of steps investors can take to start benefiting from offshore funds. The process is well automated and users can get started without the cumbersome hassle of a ton of paperwork. Instead, the company has a simple process specifically designed to make offshore investing easy.

Securely and with no paperwork, investors go through automated identity verification. Once complete, investors can electronically add funds and sign their contract with an eSignature. The system proves helpful in getting investors going without delay. Once onboard, users continue to manage their accounts and track their performance without paper. Monthly earnings can either be withdrawn or reinvested. Importantly, all this is done in a secure environment.  

Einvestment’s offshore funds come in two different flavors and risk tolerances. The Sustainable Growth SP aims for a high level of long-term total return that is consistent with a conservative level of risk. The other portfolio, the Extra High Yield SP, seeks to generate income with a high-yielding portfolio of attractive risk/return potential. Both funds can be opened with the automated paperless process.

These funds have enjoyed success, with 85% of investment periods having positive returns. Featured industries include AI & robotics, software, health care, fintech, and digital assets. Assets under management are €253M. Visit https://einvestment.com/offshore-investments/ to find out more details.

About Einvestment.

Authorized and regulated since 2018, Einvestment platform is powered, owned, and operated by a closed-end mutual fund. The fund operates as a Segregated Portfolio Company and offers a selection of different Segregated Portfolios for asset allocation. EInvestment has a robust background in client relationship management, team leadership, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance.

Contact Info:
Name: Marco Rotondi
Email: pr@einvestment.com
Organization: Einvestment
Address: The Harbour Centre, Fl. 3, 42 N Church St, George Town, Cayman Islands
Phone: +13457691880
Website: https://einvestment.com



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