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Adult Real ID Could Be The Solution to Three Dangerous Mistakes Made When Meeting Online Connections in Person

In today’s digital age, meeting new people online has become an everyday experience that can be a way to make new friends, business associates, and network with people who have similar interests. However, there is an unfortunate dangerous side when people trust strangers they’ve met in the virtual world since not everyone is who they say they are. 

The issue goes beyond social media as the film, Sound of Freedom, brings to light. In the movie, a talent scout convinces a father that his two children could have a career in modeling and invites them to an audition that appears legitimate with a printed brochure and auditions held in a corporate business setting. However, the story turns dark when the father of the children returns to find an empty room and his two kids missing. 

This sounds just like a movie plot except Sound of Freedom is based on the true story about a former DHS operative, Tim Ballard, portrayed by actor Jim Caveziel, who has made it his life mission to rescue kidnapped children sold into a nightmare no parent wants for their children.

Just like in the movie, social media users also fall victim to imposters who have created false profiles for fraudulent or deceptive purposes. Thomas Kopec and Jay Kanetkar are the Co-Founders of a revolutionary phone application, Adult Real ID, designed to keep users safe when meeting online connections. 

Katetkar says, “As an FBI agent, I saw first-hand the risk that online predators pose to both children and adults. That’s why I knew I had to do something to address the threat, especially when meeting strangers face-to-face.” In fact, Kopec and Kanetkar warn that there are three dangerous mistakes people make when meeting online connections in person.

Mistake #1 – Not verifying that an online profile is a real person before meeting them. This is a concern for adults and students who may be trusting of the person especially if they’ve developed an online relationship by exchanging private messages and texts. Verifying doesn’t simply mean that the person looks like their profile photo since they can create fake profiles with their photo (or someone else’s) and facilitate deception for the purpose of exploitation.

Kanetkar says, “One of the key features of Adult Real ID requires users to verify their identity to meet with other verified users to reduce the risk of fake profiles or catfish relationships. This significantly serves as a formidable deterrent for individuals with malicious intent.”

Mistake #2 – Not meeting an online connection in a safe and public location. It’s not just enough to meet online connections in a public location, but there are other factors to keep in person meetings protected. Kopec recommends, “It’s important to share your meeting details, including the date, time, and location, with trusted family, friends, and contacts, and we made that easy to do with the app. We knew it was essential to go beyond identity verification and we have prioritized user safety during face-to-face meetings because it serves as an added layer of protection, ensuring that friends or family members are aware of the meeting arrangements and can intervene if necessary, thus preventing potential abduction attempts.”

Mistake #3 – Not having an emergency plan if caught in a dangerous situation. It’s vital to have a predetermined action plan on how to respond to critical situations that may arise during in-person meetings. According to Kopec, The app is designed so that you use a meeting tracker to confirm the meeting has come to a safe conclusion. That means that the meeting must be closed out with a prerequisite chosen image. Users also select a pre-chosen duress image, alerting Adult Real ID‘s safety team to alert authorities if they’re in danger.” 

Everyone concerned about safety when meeting strangers masquerading as ‘friends’ on the Internet needs a powerful tool that ensures their well-being. Adult Real ID sets a new standard for responsible online connections and users can get a subscription for as low as $3.00 per month. The app goes beyond identity verification by prioritizing user safety during face-to-face meetings, secure meeting arrangements, emergency assistance features, and fostering a safer digital landscape for everyone.

Release Media: Empowering Digital Agencies and Internet Professionals

Ohio – July 04, 2023 – Release Media, a prominent name in the press release distribution industry, continues to solidify its position as a leading global wholesale press release distributor. With their comprehensive turnkey solutions, Release Media is dedicated to supporting and empowering digital agencies and internet professionals in effectively sharing their news and announcements.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses and professionals rely on strategic communication to gain visibility, attract customers, and build brand reputation. Recognizing this need, Release Media has developed a range of tailored solutions that address the unique requirements of digital agencies and internet professionals across the globe.

At the heart of Release Media’s success lies their commitment to providing comprehensive turnkey solutions. Through their advanced platform, digital agencies and internet professionals gain access to a wide range of tools and resources designed to optimize their press release distribution strategies. From content creation and customization to targeted distribution and analytics, Release Media offers a one-stop solution for all their communication needs.

Release Media is dedicated to empowering digital agencies and internet professionals by offering comprehensive press release solutions,” said Lisa Rasor, Chief Operating Officer of Release Media. “We understand the importance of effective communication in today’s digital age, and our goal is to provide our clients with the tools and support they need to reach their target audience and achieve their business objectives.”

Release Media’s platform is built with advanced technology and features that enable digital agencies and internet professionals to streamline their press release distribution process. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities, users can easily upload press releases, target specific audiences, and track the performance of their campaigns in real-time. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and continuous optimization to achieve the desired results.

In addition to their advanced technology, Release Media takes pride in their personalized approach to customer support. Their team of dedicated professionals works closely with clients to understand their unique goals and requirements. They provide guidance and expertise throughout the press release distribution process, ensuring that every campaign is tailored to maximize impact and reach the right audience.

Release Media’s global wholesale distribution network plays a pivotal role in connecting digital agencies and internet professionals with a vast array of media outlets, journalists, and influencers worldwide. This extensive network ensures that press releases reach the right channels and generate widespread coverage, enhancing brand visibility and reputation.

Whether it’s announcing product launches, showcasing industry expertise, or promoting thought leadership content, Release Media is committed to helping digital agencies and internet professionals effectively share their stories and make a lasting impact in the digital realm.

For more information about Release Media and their comprehensive turnkey press release solutions, please visit https://release.media/pr/

About Release Media:

Release Media is a leading global wholesale press release distributor, providing comprehensive turnkey solutions tailored for digital agencies and internet professionals. With their advanced platform, extensive distribution network, and personalized support, Release Media empowers businesses to effectively share their news and announcements on a global scale.

Five Biggest Myths About TV Talk Show Interviews Debunked by Marianne Schwab, Former Network Talk Show Producer

TV talk shows have long been a sought-after platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise, gain exposure, and connect with a broader audience. However, misconceptions about the nature of these shows can lead to unrealistic expectations and missed public relations opportunities. Understanding the realities behind certain myths can help entrepreneurs navigate the talk show landscape more effectively and harness the true potential of this influential broadcast media to promote their business, brand, or book.

According to Marianne Schwab, a former national TV Talk Show Producer, there are five myths about TV talk shows and she debunks them so entrepreneurs can better understand the truth behind these mistaken beliefs as they pursue getting talk show interviews.

Myth #1: No one watches TV (or talk shows) anymore. In today’s digital age, it’s easy to assume that TV talk shows have lost their relevance, given the declining viewership of traditional television. However, this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Marianne, “I’ve actually had people ask me if people even watch TV anymore and it’s true that fewer people may tune in to watch talk shows on a conventional TV screen, but their popularity has simply adapted to the digital landscape. People now consume talk show content on iPhones, iPads, Smart devices, laptops, and other gadgets, transforming the viewing experience into a more personalized and on-the-go affair.”

In fact, “Nearly half of all adults now watch video (including talk show segments) via a connected TV device daily, a significant increase from 29 per cent five years ago, and 6 per cent a decade ago,” said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group. “While Smart TVs are a key component of the connected TV category, the vast majority of connected TV users stream via multiple types of devices.”

Myth #2: TV Talk Shows are different in 2023 than they were when they started in the 1950’s. Many entrepreneurs may believe that TV talk shows have undergone significant changes in their format over the years, especially with the advent of new media platforms and digital content, however, the reality is that the basic format and structure of TV talk show segments and interviews have remained relatively consistent. They typically begin with a host introduction of a guest, followed by a Q&A session, and often conclude with a call to action, such as promoting a book, product, or upcoming movie or music project.

Myth #3: Marketing and public relations are the same thing. Entrepreneurs often make the mistake of assuming that marketing and public relations serve the same purpose, especially when it comes to talk show appearances. However, it’s crucial to understand the fundamental differences between these two to ensure that interviews don’t turn into overtly promotional infomercials. “Advertising is saying you’re good. As long as it’s truthful, you can say anything you want, however, public relations is getting someone else to say you’re good and that’s where you can really build trust with your potential clients and customers,” Marianne shares. “By recognizing the distinction between marketing and public relations, entrepreneurs can leverage their talk show appearances to cultivate meaningful connections and authority with the audience. No amount of advertising can give you the credibility that being featured in the media or on a talk show can. There is something magical about this phenomenon.”

Myth #4: PR agencies get clients featured on TV and publicity is free. Entrepreneurs often hold the misconception that hiring a PR agency guarantees them talk show interviews and that publicity comes without any cost. “PR agencies play a crucial role in managing a company’s overall public image and media relations, but they are not necessarily specialists in securing talk show interviews. That requires a more specialized approach and that’s why agencies have hired my company for over 25 years to get their clients broadcast public relations results with interviews on radio and TV,” Marianne says. “Also, it’s crucial to recognize that PR is not free. Whether you hire a publicist or handle the publicity efforts yourself, there are costs involved. What really breaks my heart is when I see entrepreneurs invest $15K to $30K in a PR agency and they don’t even get one talk show interview when I know that I get my clients multiple guaranteed talk show interviews to build their brand and credibility.”

Myth #5: The first interview will be on a national talk show. One of the most common misconceptions among entrepreneurs is the belief that their first talk show interview will be on a nationally syndicated or network program. National talk shows typically feature high-profile guests, celebrities, or industry experts with established reputations or significant accomplishments. Marianne says, “While it’s not impossible for entrepreneurs to secure a national talk show appearance early on, it’s quite rare and important to recognize that the path to national exposure often begins at the local level. Local TV talk shows provide an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to gain valuable experience, refine their messaging, and build credibility within their community. These shows often focus on highlighting local talent, businesses, and unique stories, making them more accessible for entrepreneurs who are just starting out.”

In conclusion, debunking these five biggest TV talk show myths is crucial for entrepreneurs seeking to leverage this powerful platform so they can approach talk show appearances with realistic expectations and maximize their opportunities for success.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a producer in New York and Los Angeles and is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe. She is dedicated to helping experts, book authors, and high level entrepreneurs land TV Talk Show interviews in today’s complicated media environment so they can promote their business, product, or brand in a way that makes anyone who sees their interview fall in love with them, their message, and their mission. She shares public relations tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows with details for the types of experts producers love to book as guests.


Fortuna BMC, recently honored as the Greater Fayetteville Chamber’s New Business of the Year, stands as a distinguished global consultancy renowned for its exceptional ability to provide tailor-made and innovative solutions to a wide array of business obstacles. However, what truly distinguishes them is their unwavering commitment to hiring veterans, ensuring the provision of efficient and effective services that not only benefit their clients and the community at large but also cater to the needs of disabled veterans. Their resolute mantra of “getting things done” aligns seamlessly with the relentless pursuit of success on and off the field exemplified by the Fayetteville Mustangs. As a veteran-owned enterprise, Fortuna BMC remains dedicated to bringing meaningful employment opportunities to transitioning veterans within the Fayetteville community. Moreover, as part of their initiative to revitalize downtown Hay Street, they are currently finalizing a contract for a substantial 10,000 square feet of office space, solidifying their local focus and deep sense of honor in being an integral part of the Fayetteville community.

With the partnership now in motion, the Fayetteville Mustangs and Fortuna BMC are poised to take on fresh challenges, achieve unprecedented milestones, and provide an elevated level of excellence to their clients and stakeholders. The shared vision and values of the two organizations will undoubtedly lead to unparalleled synergy, resulting in transformative outcomes and unforgettable experiences.

The Fayetteville Mustangs express their deep pride in aligning themselves with Fortuna BMC, a company that shares their unwavering commitment to success, innovation, and supporting veterans. Leveraging Fortuna BMC’s expertise and unwavering dedication, the Mustangs aim to strengthen their growth trajectory and reinforce their position as a formidable force within the sports industry.

The partnership is marked by a sense of celebration and excitement as the Fayetteville Mustangs and Fortuna BMC embark on a collective journey filled with endless possibilities. Together, they intend to redefine excellence, ignite passion within their fanbase, and make a profound impact in their community.

As the partnership takes shape, stakeholders and fans alike eagerly anticipate the incredible transformations and achievements that lie ahead for the Fayetteville Mustangs and Fortuna BMC. This groundbreaking alliance promises to inspire greatness, instill innovation, and create a legacy that will be remembered for years to come.

Follow the Fayetteville Mustangs and Fortuna BMC on their journey as they work hand in hand to achieve greatness, empower veterans, and leave an indelible mark on the sports and business industries.

Initiative to Rename Westarea Elementary to James A. Raye Elementary

Fayetteville NC – Prominent leaders in Cumberland County N.C. have formed a committee seeking to rename Westarea Elementary School, an established educational institution in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as part of a new initiative to honor NFL legend James A. Raye Jr. The proposed name change to James A. Raye Elementary aims to pay tribute to the remarkable achievements and contributions of this esteemed athlete, coach, and community leader.

James A. Raye Jr. is an American football coach and former player who has left an indelible mark on the world of football. From his humble beginnings at the segregated E.E. Smith High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to his illustrious college career as a quarterback for the Michigan State Spartans, Raye’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Raye’s college career included notable highlights, such as serving as the backup quarterback for the 1966 Spartans team that played in the Rose Bowl and starting in the legendary 10-10 tie game against Notre Dame, often referred to as “The Game of the Century.” As the South’s first black quarterback to win a national title, Raye played a pivotal role in breaking down racial barriers in college football.

Following his playing career, Raye transitioned to coaching, leaving an indelible mark on the NFL. With a coaching career spanning 36 years and 10 different teams, Raye excelled as an offensive coordinator and was widely regarded for his adaptability and leadership skills. His contributions to the San Francisco 49ers during the 2009 season, where he adeptly adjusted the offense despite key player injuries, earned him high praise from peers and experts.

The initiative to rename Westarea Elementary as James A. Raye Elementary aims to honor Raye’s exceptional legacy and inspire future generations. By bestowing his name upon the school, Cumberland County seeks to celebrate Raye’s achievements both on and off the field and to provide a lasting testament to his commitment to community service.

“We are thrilled to embark on this initiative to rename Westarea Elementary as James A. Raye Elementary,” said Roy McNeill, spokesperson for the initiative. “James A. Raye Jr. is not only a renowned NFL figure but also an exceptional role model, mentor, and community leader. We believe that by renaming the school in his honor, we will inspire students to strive for greatness and to make a positive impact in their communities.”

The initiative is currently seeking support from the Board of Education and influencers in Cumberland County. Furthermore, individuals are encouraged to sign the petition in favor of the name change, showing their solidarity with this significant undertaking.

For more information about the initiative and to support the petition, please visit https://chng.it/nZ8Nj5zXK6

About James A. Raye Jr:

James A. Raye Jr. is a celebrated American football coach, former player, and senior adviser to NFL vice-president Troy Vincent. With a remarkable college career as a quarterback for the Michigan State Spartans and a coaching career spanning 36 years in the NFL, Raye has left an indelible mark on the world of football. He is also known for his dedication to community service and mentorship.

Tammy Donnell, Founder of BRND Agency, Reveals Three Branding Mistakes That Can Kill a Business Before It Even Gets Started

A brand is considered to be one of a company’s most valuable assets and helps people instantly identify a company, product, or service. In addition, great branding helps ensure brand consistency so that a business is presented in a cohesive manner across all marketing channels and platforms. The primary goal of branding is to build trust, and credibility with customers and clients, which leads to brand loyalty.

Tammy Donnell, the founder of BRND Agency, says, “When business branding is accomplished correctly, it will differentiate a company from the competition and elevate their reputation. I’ve learned from creating branding strategies for six and seven-figure businesses that once customers and clients fall in love and connect emotionally with a business, they are most likely to become loyal customers and clients for life. When a company can connect emotionally with its customers, a trusted relationship is formed that can stand the test of time.” According to Donnell, there are three branding mistakes that can be the death of a business.

Mistake #1 – Failure to communicate the business’s origin story. Every business has an origin story that is the foundation of the business. All businesses start as a solution to a problem, an idea, a vision, or a new discovery. “Consider the origin story as a warm handshake, the kind of genuine handshake where the other person uses both hands, which creates a deep emotional connection with a person that becomes a friend for life,” Donnell advises, “People connect through stories and since people buy from people, the origin story connects the business emotionally to its customers or clients and once they connect emotionally with a business, a loyal, trusting, long-term relationship is created.”

Mistake #2 – Failure to connect with authenticity. Most businesses start with a set of values, a mission, and a message and if this is not communicated in the proper tone and with a unique selling proposition, the business will fail to connect with their ideal audience. According to Tammy Donnell, “So many businesses fail to share these authentic emotional connection points with customers and clients and these touch points are an important bridge that connects and creates community. In the same way, a strong brand connects and creates a community of buyers that have trust and loyalty to the brand for the long haul.”

Mistake #3 – Failure to create a seamless brand consistency across all marketing channels and platforms. A well-crafted brand requires consistency in messaging and visuals across all social platforms and, according to Donnell, is like a well-tuned orchestra that creates beautiful music. She says, “Just as an orchestra requires each instrument to be played harmoniously, this consistent brand identity ensures that customers and clients not only recognize and identify a brand instantly, but that they are happy to share it with their friends and family.”

Finally, Donnell aims to make branding easy for clients, “Branding often seems overly complicated, like a jigsaw puzzle with no instructions and missing pieces, and it can be overwhelming for most business owners and entrepreneurs. Just like a puzzle requires strategic thinking and problem-solving, a well-crafted brand requires a strategic approach and step-by-step implementation. That’s why I founded BRND Agency as a one stop shop for our clients,” Tammy Donnell shares, “BRND Agency offers websites, funnels, social media, logos, graphic design, branding guidelines, messaging, PR & media, and photography, all under one roof so we can streamline putting the puzzle pieces together at one company, not eight.”

Tammy Donnell helps businesses of all sizes build their brand across every digital medium to perfect branding and expand their digital footprint with consistency and clarity in a way that seamlessly works together as a cohesive brand that people remember, buy from, and share with their friends. She works with clients based in the U.S. and worldwide to develop branding strategies that get results and you can connect with her at BRNDAgency.com.

Canadian Nurse Launches Life Management Logbooks and App to Help People Organize and Protect Important Documents

British Columbia (April 23, 2023) – Organize your life and documents simply, safely and securely with the My Life Manager and My Health Manager logbooks and a mobile app developed by Canadian Registered Nurse, Katrina Mulberry.

The truth is that many people do not have a problem storing important documents but creating an organized system for quick retrieval is often where the rubber meets the road. Searching for unorganized documents can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially in emergencies. But not anymore.

Touted as The Ultimate in Life and Healthcare Organization, Mulberry’s My Life Manager and My Health Manager guides are designed to help users store and organize important documents efficiently and securely for easy access. My Life Manager is a personal record keeper that allows users to record personal and legal documents and other information in one place. The logbook features a beautiful layout of tables and forms to help users effortlessly monitor and track finances, assets, insurance payments, debts, and life goals. My Health Manager is a 28-page healthcare guide that allows users to record and track health and lifestyle details, from medications, test results, family health patterns, and more. An essential tool for cargivers and those with health concerns.

My Life Manager app facilitates seamless and secure storage of documents and information for access on the go. Users can store important documents digitally, keep pictures of cards, and monitor important dates such as passport expiry! The app also serves as a backup for when My Life and Health Manager logbooks are not accessible and worse case when important documents are lost. No data is collected in this Locker App and biometrics are used for security.

My Life Manager and My Health Manager logbooks are an updated version of Mulberry’s original edition of a simple binder with tabs and plastic page holders for original documents and a “learn how to budget” section, which she designed with the advice from her financial planner and business associates. The logbooks received such positive reception especially from fellow parents wanting to teach money management to their teens. This motivated Mulberry to revise and improve the tools to reach a wider audience. The logbooks and app are part of the Manage Me ™ brand that also includes the Manage Me™ Life / Health USB portable data sticks.

According to Mulberry, the idea of creating a Life Management system was considered early in her nursing career after witnessing the inefficiency of sharing medical information. Explaining her motivation for creating the logbooks, she said: “Friends were always impressed at how I managed to juggle my own life and work with my homelife raising four daughters. I told them that the secret was life organization. I created the logbooks and app to share my knowledge with friends and those far and wide who needed who needed more organization in their lives.”

My Life Manager and My Health Manager are designed to be a personal record keeper and are ideal for anyone looking for life organization made simple – from students and entrepreneurs to homemakers and senior citizens. The logbooks are available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and other online bookstores. My Life Manager app is available for download for Apple and Android devices. For further information, visit: https://manageme.ca

Streamingpals Helps Musicians Build Their Presence on Spotify

In today’s digital age, having a solid presence on Spotify is crucial for musicians to get their music out there. Streamingpals is a platform that specializes in promoting musicians on Spotify and helping them grow their streams, monthly listeners, followers and saves. As one of the leading ways to achieve this, Streamingpals is quickly becoming the go-to destination for musicians looking to build their presence on Spotify.

With over 2,150+ returning customers every month and a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot, Streamingpals has established itself as a reliable and effective platform. They understand the value of maintaining confidentiality and safeguarding their clients’ reputation.

Streamingpals offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they are unable to deliver the promised results, demonstrating their commitment to their clients’ success. They also offer competitive rates, making their services accessible to all musicians, regardless of their budget.

“Building a presence on Spotify is essential for musicians in today’s digital landscape.” said a company spokesperson. “We take pride in supporting musicians to achieve their goals on the platform at an affordable budget.”

Clients can expect to see their orders start 48 hours after placing them, and progress can be monitored through their personalized dashboard.

For more information about Streamingpals and how they can help musicians build their presence on Spotify, please visit their website at www.streamingpals.co or reach out to their dedicated support team at support@streamingpals.co

Legalese Decoder Launches Latest Upgrade to LLM, Doubling Usage Credits on Paid Plans

Vancouver, Canada – Legalese Decoder, the industry leader in legal language translation and analysis, is excited to announce the latest upgrade to its Legalese Language Model (LLM). The upgraded LLM features faster response times and enhanced accuracy in deciphering complex legal language.

In addition to the LLM upgrade, Legalese Decoder is doubling the usage credits on both the Home and Pro paid plans at no extra charge to users. This means that users can now access twice as many credits to simplify and translate their legal documents.

“The latest upgrade to our Legalese Language Model is a testament to our commitment to providing our users with the most advanced and accurate legal language analysis tool available,” said William Tsui, founder at Legalese Decoder. “We understand the challenges that everyday people face when dealing with legal jargon and we are dedicated to empowering them with the tools they need to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.”

The LLM upgrade features a faster response time, enabling users to receive near real-time translations and analysis of complex legal documents. The tool utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify key terms and concepts and provide plain language definitions.

With the doubling of usage credits on both the Home and Pro paid plans, users can now access even more features and functionality to simplify and translate their legal documents. The Home Plan now includes 40,000 characters credits per month, while the Pro Plan offers 800,000 characters credits per month.

“We are excited to offer our users even more value with the doubling of usage credits on our paid plans,” said Tsui. “Our mission is to provide all the tools needed for everyday people to tackle their legal needs, and this upgrade is just one more way we’re fulfilling that mission.”

Legalese Decoder continues to lead the way in legal language translation and analysis, providing users with the tools they need to simplify complex legal language. With the latest upgrade to the LLM and the doubling of usage credits on paid plans, Legalese Decoder remains committed to empowering everyday people to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

For more information about Legalese Decoder and its legal language translation and analysis tools, please visit https://legalesedecoder.com/.

Marianne Schwab, Former National Talk Show Producer, Reveals Five Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring a P.R. Agency or Publicist


Hiring a public relations agency (P.R. agency) or publicist can be a great way for businesses to improve their image and reputation, as well as increase their visibility. However, it’s important for businesses to avoid making mistakes when choosing a PR agency or publicist, since these mistakes can lead to wasted time and money, and even damage to the business’s reputation.

As a former national network TV talk show producer, Marianne Schwab has worked with P.R. Agencies for over twenty-five years and shares some insight on what to do look for to make a good match with an agency and the business they’ll be representing. She says, “When I produced daily talk shows, I got a lot of pitches from P.R. agencies and some were great, but many publicists were kind of clueless and didn’t understand how to effectively pitch television talk shows to get results for their clients. Overall, publicists are generalists in P.R. and have to pitch print publications like magazines and newspapers or online publications so pitching broadcast outlets like podcasts, radio, and television talks shows and news programs requires an entirely different skill set and contact database that many publicists don’t have.”

Schwab says when businesses or entrepreneurs hire a PR agency or publicist they need to avoid making these mistakes because they won’t just cost money, but they’ll end up with little to no media results which is the goal when investing in a public relations campaign.

Mistake #1 – Not doing their homework. It’s important for businesses to thoroughly research and compare different PR agencies or publicists before making a hiring decision. This includes looking at the agency’s or publicist’s track record, understanding their approach to P.R., and getting references from other clients that include the media results. Schwab says, “It’s also important to look at the types of clients they have worked with and are currently representing for two reasons. First, they need to be the right fit for your industry or aligned with your brand, and second, confirm that they do not currently represent any competitors which would be a conflict of interest. This can sometimes be tricky if you’re thinking about working with a brand that specializes in beauty and skin care. On one hand, they have developed media contacts for that industry that can help you, but on the other hand, they may represent competing products or brands and that can be an issue.”

Mistake #2 – Failing to set clear and realistic goals or objectives. Before hiring a PR agency or publicist, it’s crucial for businesses to have a clear idea of what they hope to achieve through public relations. Goals might include increasing brand awareness, improving media coverage, or managing a crisis, but should also be measurable like securing a specific number of placements in print and broadcast with a specific number of impressions for the audience as well. “PR campaigns do take time to get traction and produce results so you need to be realistic about the time not only needed to achieve these goals,” Schwab says, “but also do not expect national coverage when local media may be far more effective and realistic.”

Mistake #3 – Not communicating effectively. Communication is key to the success of any PR campaign. It’s important for businesses to provide their PR agency or publicist with all relevant information they need to represent the client, including details about the business and its products or services, as well as any challenges or issues that need to be addressed. In turn, the PR agency or publicist should keep the business informed about the progress of the campaign and any opportunities or challenges that arise.

Mistake #4 – Not being open to expert consultation or feedback. A good PR agency or publicist will provide honest and constructive feedback to help the business improve its PR efforts. It’s important for businesses to be open to this feedback and be willing to make changes based on it. Marianne Schwab advises, “Remember that you have hired an expert and your results will depend on how much you respect their advice and heed it. I always love when a client is open to ideas that may push the envelope just a bit since those are the pitches that get the best results.”

Mistake #5 – Overpaying for services: There are also other considerations especially when it comes to the fee for public relations services. “I’ve seen some small businesses and entrepreneurs get talked into buying ‘too much P.R.’ for the size of their business. Retainers for small agencies start around $3,000 per month and the major P.R. agencies charge up to $25,000 and more. Small companies don’t need a big agency and it breaks my heart when I see them invest a boatload of money and get little to no results in media placements especially when I know I can guarantee meaningful media placements for clients,” Schwab comments.

By avoiding these mistakes, businesses can improve their chances of success when working with a PR agency or publicist. A well-planned and executed PR campaign can be a valuable investment for any business, helping to build its reputation and reach new audiences.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a producer for over 25 years in New York and Los Angeles. She is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe where she works with clients to develop compelling media hooks and story angles that get them TV and radio interviews in today’s complicated media environment. She shares tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows and details the types of guests producers love to book as guests.

Three Secrets to Personal Branding Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Know & What the Experts Won’t Reveal



Personal branding has become one of the most important foundations for entrepreneurs as they build a business and professional reputation to promote their image to their ideal clients and there are three crucial keys to ensure personal branding success. Unfortunately, if these are not part of the initial business strategy, it can derail the best laid out plans since personal branding is much more than color combinations, fonts, and a cool logo. It is, in fact, an essential ingredient for every aspect of marketing a business that includes websites, social media posts, advertising, and everything digital.

Ross B. Williams is a Personal Branding Strategist and he says, “When personal branding is done correctly, it will differentiate you from your competition and elevate your reputation, but business branding is very different from personal branding. Not only do you need to understand the difference between the two, but you also must understand why you need both. You can be successful at your business but if your personal branding is not aligned with who you are, you are missing opportunities that ultimately affect your bottom line.”

Williams, who was recently interviewed on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, the local ABC-TV station, has a unique background as a personal branding strategist.  He has contributed multi-seven–figure sales revenue to several companies with his mastery of sales and uses his business building skills and digital marketing expertise to help successful business owners dramatically increase revenue by transforming their personal brand.  When he works with his clients he incorporates three crucial keys to ensure personal branding success.

  1. Personal branding should reflect the entrepreneur’s authentic self. A personal brand should be an accurate, yet authentic, version of who the entrepreneur is so they attract the types of clients with whom they want to work. According to Ross B. Williams (https://www.rossbwilliams.com), this is crucial for ultimate success, “I see a lot of successful entrepreneurs promoting their lifestyle on social media, for example, but I have no idea what they actually do, what business they’re in, or how I can help them by referring business. If people don’t know what you do, they can’t refer business to you and that is why a personal brand is so important.”

Ross continues, “The ultimate point to keep in mind is that people buy from people so your personal brand is a reflection of you even when you’re not the face of a company. Since you are promoting yourself, you need to create your branding assets according to your personality. If you are selling something that’s not true to you, others will feel it.”

  1. Entrepreneurs must build their personal brand alongside their business brand. Today, more than ever, it’s not enough to build a business brand, but entrepreneurs need to build a personal brand in tandem as they build their business. Why? Williams advises, “It’s imperative that you begin with the end in mind. If you have an exit strategy when you build your business to sell it five years down the road, you only want to be the “face” of a successful business without having your name tied to the brand because if you do, you can’t sell your business as a separate brand.”

Ross goes on to say, “If you choose to sell your business someday without a personal brand developed alongside your company, you’d have to start another business from scratch and cannot use your name on your business.”

  1. The logo and color combinations are just “gift wrap” for a personal brand. Many entrepreneurs start their personal branding with a logo and branding board, but it is much more complex and scientific, according to Williams, “Personal branding starts with how you make people feel with what you do in your business, how you want to be portrayed and have others see you, then you wrap it in colors and design. The graphic designer understands the creative color combinations, fun fonts, and logo design, but most don’t understand which colors, and even fonts, trigger emotions and attract clients to buy from you before they even get to peek inside the box. These are psychological touch points that can dramatically increase sales and ultimately revenues.”

Content creation for personal branding can be overwhelming for most business owners and that’s why Ross B. Williams has put this all together in a done for you package that’s simple for any business owner. The key is not to build a little bit at a time and then try to bring it all together since that’s chaotic or doesn’t match. “Effective personal branding demands that social media, photos, graphic design, and media are cohesive and congruent so that it extends your digital footprint and your omnipresence.” Ross concludes.

Ross helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners build their personal brand with his brand accelerator package. This helps entrepreneurs perfect their messaging and expand their digital footprint with a website, funnel, social media, and press that seamlessly work together as a cohesive brand that people remember and buy from.

Ross B. Williams works with clients based in the U.S. and around the world to develop personal branding strategies that get results. He is available for Personal Branding Strategy sessions and can be contacted at INSERT CONTACT HERE (Website: https://www.rossbwilliams.com)

Ross B. Williams (https://www.rossbwilliams.com) is Personal Branding Strategist who combines his mastery of sales, business building, and digital marketing to help successful business owners dramatically increase revenue by transforming their personal brand. He has built several seven-figure businesses and earned the coveted ClickFunnels Two-Comma-Club Award by generating over $1 million in annual sales producing large, extravagant parties with over 10,000 guests to smaller, exclusive VIP networking events to connect professionals with clients.  Connect with Ross on Instragram here: https://www.instagram.com/rossbwilliamslive/

Three Biggest Networking Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Cost Them Referrals


In recent years, the impact and importance of networking became even more evident and, for most business owners, this awareness did not always translate into additional business for the time that was invested. Networking for referrals can be the most cost effective way to build a business, yet most people miss 80% of the referral business they could get due to several mistakes made when meeting a potential referral network.

“Networking is easy, but not necessarily simple,” advises Debbra Sweet, a leadership performance coach. “In fact, effective networking, whether online or in person, requires skills to produce the results you want that lead to getting referrals and new clients and ultimately increase revenue.”

Sweet is a Certified Trainer of Strategic Word of Mouth Referral Networking for the world’s largest referral network where she taught business owners her unique skill set for over 20 years and led businesses to produce over $54 Million in closed revenue in the San Diego area in one year.

“Since online networking often edges out in person meetings, it’s very evident that we are actually more disconnected than ever on how to be effective with our networking time,” she says. “Many professionals are wonderful at what they do, but that does not make them great networkers. Effective networking needs new skills, insights and clarity of intention for results.”

A global survey that Sweet took part in found that 91% of people agree that networking is the largest factor to business growth, yet the soft skills required to network effectively are rarely taught, leaving a gap of knowledge on how to network to get referrals and ultimately build a bigger business.

Debbra Sweet says there are three common mistakes that most people make when networking online and offline that can cost them referrals.

Mistake #1 – Showing up unprepared. “One mistake I see business networkers consistently make is they show up unprepared without determining an intention before they arrive. They ‘wing’ their networking time and talk. Winging it is not a strategy. When you network, people can tell quickly when you lead your conversation this way. Most people think that simply because you meet a person and you can have a conversation with them that that is networking,” she says. “They assume a casual conversation will convert to referrals but are very disheartened that it doesn’t. You have to have a networking plan.”

Mistake #2 – Not understanding how to navigate different types of networking events. There are many different types of networking events including casual, professional, social, and service oriented to name a few. Sweet advises, “The framework for effectiveness with your time is understanding the network, and how to network in, up in each situation- while reflecting your leadership and building your brand reputation along the way. You can be authentic and network anytime, anyplace, anywhere – with professionalism. But to do that and build trust along the way starts with knowledge of how to show up regardless of the environment. How you network is a direct reflection of how you show up and serve in your business.”

Mistake #3 – Attempting to close a sale prematurely. A lifelong entrepreneur is no stranger to successes and shortcomings that impact both personal and professional networking outcomes. “It’s important and vital to understand the distinctions between transactional networking and relationship networking needed to create trust that will allow you to close a sale. Pouncing at the first ‘hello’ is not the way to earn trust that leads to ongoing referrals. This may seem obvious to some, but like a good cup of coffee – it’s better brewed versus instant.”

As a networking leader with decades of firsthand experience, Sweet is deeply passionate about helping others learn the skills needed to create relationships through networking that dramatically increase revenue for businesses. She shares, “You don’t have to be perfect in your skills, just be open to learning how to improve them to become a networking leader. Learning how to extend your support to help someone you meet and then organically weave an invitation to support you is a natural way to implement the law of reciprocity that leads to building the backbone of networking – trust.”

Debbra Sweet is a New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, business strategist, and award-winning performer leadership coach based in San Diego, California. She’s the innovator of the Circle of 10™ Effective Networker Training Program and has created a complimentary guide, Top Ten Networking Mistakes That Prevent Referrals, that reveals how to network confidently and receive an abundance of referrals to successfully build a business.