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Tammy Donnell, Founder of BRND Agency, Reveals Three Branding Mistakes That Can Kill a Business Before It Even Gets Started

A brand is considered to be one of a company’s most valuable assets and helps people instantly identify a company, product, or service. In addition, great branding helps ensure brand consistency so that a business is presented in a cohesive manner across all marketing channels and platforms. The primary goal of branding is to build trust, and credibility with customers and clients, which leads to brand loyalty.

Tammy Donnell, the founder of BRND Agency, says, “When business branding is accomplished correctly, it will differentiate a company from the competition and elevate their reputation. I’ve learned from creating branding strategies for six and seven-figure businesses that once customers and clients fall in love and connect emotionally with a business, they are most likely to become loyal customers and clients for life. When a company can connect emotionally with its customers, a trusted relationship is formed that can stand the test of time.” According to Donnell, there are three branding mistakes that can be the death of a business.

Mistake #1 – Failure to communicate the business’s origin story. Every business has an origin story that is the foundation of the business. All businesses start as a solution to a problem, an idea, a vision, or a new discovery. “Consider the origin story as a warm handshake, the kind of genuine handshake where the other person uses both hands, which creates a deep emotional connection with a person that becomes a friend for life,” Donnell advises, “People connect through stories and since people buy from people, the origin story connects the business emotionally to its customers or clients and once they connect emotionally with a business, a loyal, trusting, long-term relationship is created.”

Mistake #2 – Failure to connect with authenticity. Most businesses start with a set of values, a mission, and a message and if this is not communicated in the proper tone and with a unique selling proposition, the business will fail to connect with their ideal audience. According to Tammy Donnell, “So many businesses fail to share these authentic emotional connection points with customers and clients and these touch points are an important bridge that connects and creates community. In the same way, a strong brand connects and creates a community of buyers that have trust and loyalty to the brand for the long haul.”

Mistake #3 – Failure to create a seamless brand consistency across all marketing channels and platforms. A well-crafted brand requires consistency in messaging and visuals across all social platforms and, according to Donnell, is like a well-tuned orchestra that creates beautiful music. She says, “Just as an orchestra requires each instrument to be played harmoniously, this consistent brand identity ensures that customers and clients not only recognize and identify a brand instantly, but that they are happy to share it with their friends and family.”

Finally, Donnell aims to make branding easy for clients, “Branding often seems overly complicated, like a jigsaw puzzle with no instructions and missing pieces, and it can be overwhelming for most business owners and entrepreneurs. Just like a puzzle requires strategic thinking and problem-solving, a well-crafted brand requires a strategic approach and step-by-step implementation. That’s why I founded BRND Agency as a one stop shop for our clients,” Tammy Donnell shares, “BRND Agency offers websites, funnels, social media, logos, graphic design, branding guidelines, messaging, PR & media, and photography, all under one roof so we can streamline putting the puzzle pieces together at one company, not eight.”

Tammy Donnell helps businesses of all sizes build their brand across every digital medium to perfect branding and expand their digital footprint with consistency and clarity in a way that seamlessly works together as a cohesive brand that people remember, buy from, and share with their friends. She works with clients based in the U.S. and worldwide to develop branding strategies that get results and you can connect with her at BRNDAgency.com.



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