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Release. Media Introduces Newswirelab.com- Now Publish your Press Release on Top-Tier Media and News Sites

Release. Media, a leading digital platform for press releases distribution agencies, launches
Newswirelab.com to expand its PR offerings to retail customers for instant exposure.

7 February 2022 The wholesale-based press release B2B provider, Release.media
has recently introduced Newswirelab.com, the NextGen™ Press Release platform
for retail customers. While media consumption and distribution continue to evolve,
NewsWireLab’s NextGen™ Press Release outperforms all others by using top
providers in a range of formats other than traditional news outlets.

The NewsWireLab distributes press releases to over 400+ authoritative sites, Social
Media, PDF sharing, Slideshows, Social Blogs, Podcasts, News outlets, Videos,
Bots, and Crawlers.

The following are the benefits you will get at NewsWireLab:

● Press Release written by American Professional Copywriters
● Audio PR podcast format creation by American professionals
● Creation of PR Video with subtitles and voice overs
● Slideshow and PDF Creation
● Translation in 10 different languages
● PR distribution to more than 400+ media providers
● Get a complete report of assets and their distribution.

NewsWireLab distributes their customer’s press releases to both traditional media outlets
and new media platforms alike. Top-tier media and news sites such as ABC, NBC, FOX
networks, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, YouTube, Alexa, and more have high impact and
positive results for NewswireLab’s customers. The press releases help businesses increase
visibility and credibility, bringing in potential clients and leads. NewswireLab offers SMEs
access to innovative media products distributed to high quality outlets at an affordable
price, giving even the smallest business a chance to shine.

How does it work?

NewsWireLab follows a simple format. You just need to follow the simple steps and let the
experts do the rest.

Step 1: Submit information with simple to understand online form
Step 2: Let media specialists create and distribute your press release.
Step 3: See the outstanding results

NewsWireLab can help you with professional writing, multimedia, and high-quality
distribution that will help you get your brand seen right away at a low price.

About NewsWireLab

NewswireLab operates as the retail arm of Release. Media, a wholesale provider of press
release distribution. In addition to being a retail division, NewswireLab is structured to be
fast moving and able to keep up with today’s ever changing media landscape. They have
experts who lead the latest trends in the press release and media industries. For their
customers, they provide an easy to use interface at affordable prices, giving NewswireLab
the ability to help any sized businesses get seen, read, heard, and found on top social
platforms and media outlets.

Learn more : https://newswirelab.com/

Contact Details :
1065 SW 8th St, Miami, Florida, United States



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