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NewswireLab Announces NextGenTM Press Release For Marketing on Multiple Platforms

FEBRUARY 9, 2022 – MIAMI, FL – NewswireLab.com, the new website offering innovative press release solutions for today’s business owners is eager to announce their new product now available to purchase. NextGenTM Press Release is a system designed to help brands increase their online reputation, visibility, and reliability. This product gets the word out to active customers who are truly interested in what a company has to offer, eliminating time wasted on unsuccessful marketing strategies while enhancing the brand’s bottom line.

NewswireLab, which originally started as a digital agency in 2003, is a marketing company dedicated to promoting brands using groundbreaking solutions. When they noticed traditional press releases were no longer providing their clients with the results they desired, the team set out to create a system that was advanced enough to work with the changing times yet simple enough for their customers to use with ease. That idea resulted in their innovative NextGenTM Press Release system.

Today’s consumers take in all their information using a variety of devices including their smartphone, home computer, or streaming technology. Because advertising is seen on all types of devices, creating media that can adapt to all these formats can be confusing. With NextGenTM Press Release, however, formatting issues are eliminated, and business owners can focus more on exposing their brand to their target audience.

NextGenTM Press Release works by using the most popular media outlets and formats to accelerate your brand ahead of the competition.  This system offers an effective way for brands to reach out to their target audience and master search engine algorithms with ease. With useful assets including graphic content, audio, and video, NextGenTM Press Release will take your marketing efforts to a next level.

To use the NextGenTM Press Release system, a brand owner must submit their basic information using an online form. Next, the media specialists at NewswireLab will create the brand’s message and remain in close communication to ensure they are getting the right point across to the correct target audience.  Then, they will distribute the message to top media outlets such as FOX, NBC, CBS, YouTube, Alexa, and many more while the client waits for outstanding results.

If you are a business owner who could use some guidance on how to market your business to today’s tech-friendly world, you need to check out NextGenTM Press Release by NewswireLab. With their focus on technology and creative artistry, the marketing experts at NewswireLab will compile all the details to ensure they get your brand’s message just right while creating videos, voice-overs, and written content designed with the modern consumer in mind.

Learn more : https://newswirelab.com/



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