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“Online Business During Pandemic” Search Query Hints at How COVID Impacted Underlying Needs, Reports OnlineBusiness.com

New York, NY – OnlineBusiness.com, a marketplace for premium domains and starter sites is always looking for trends across all sectors to understand the market demands and needs of small to medium-sized businesses. In one such study of Google Trends, OnlineBusiness.com seems to have found a correlation between search terms related to Online Business, eCommerce, and Covid. 

Since March 2020, there has been an uptick in the search activity for each of these keywords across all US States.

What’s more, Google’s search bar auto-suggest keywords that are determined by real searches that happen on Google and show up if they are common enough and show a trend.

One such Google auto-suggest that it appears is “online business during pandemic”. This indicates that many businesses seem to be pivoting and positioning their digital experience to ensure they are well prepared for and during this pandemic that continues to affect how business is done in all sectors and industries.

The data suggest real-time examples of this across the U.S. In Metro Detroit, small retailers have adapted and kept business afloat by focusing on the online aspect of their business, some even choosing to close their storefront in place of online shopping. Others have decided to keep their store open but allow for ordering online and seamless contactless pick-up.

Internationally, local businesses are impacted as well. Stores in Singapore are also turning to online business as they were forced to rethink their strategies. A lot of small to midsize businesses were forced to focus on their eCommerce model to stay afloat and have been able to stay in business due to the quick pivot.

This trend, OnlineBusiness.com believes will continue to increase as more and more companies will focus on the digital experience and focus solely on a digital footprint or deeply integrate it with their retail store for a frictionless shopping experience. Either way, it is more important than ever that a company has its digital marketing strategy in place and that starts with acquiring and using the best domain name for their website.

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