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How the Digital Experience is Reshaping Industries, Reports OnlineBusiness.com

New York, NY – Since the start of the Pandemic in March of 2020, businesses have been forced to deal with the ‘new normal’. These businesses have been deeply affected with some still not fully recovered. For these companies, they must pivot quickly and ensure they stay in front of their customer base who are now using digital channels more than ever. OnlineBusiness.com takes a look at how companies and organizations are learning to pivot quickly from this pandemic and adapt to the new way of reaching their customers, digitally and by way of the internet. 

Since its inception, OnlineBusiness.com has always emphasized the importance of a digital footprint through the use of domain names but recently have taken a closer look at how the new landscape is putting stronger importance on the digital experience.

“The pandemic was the catalyst that has accelerated the digital pivot and transformation of businesses and organizations around the world. With the initial social distancing measures in place, many businesses who rely on foot traffic found themselves at a huge disadvantage,” said Anthony Santiago, Marketing Director at OnlineBusiness. “However, today’s companies are emerging more resilient and reinvented from the pandemic. Customer confidence is rebounding as well as social activities.”

Across all industries, companies and organizations are putting larger efforts into the digital experience, internationally and domestically.

Take the Qatar Museum for example, as soon as the pandemic started to affect world transactions, in March 2020, they began a plan that would enhance their website to further engagement reach around the world as well as provide an immersive digital experience for the locals. In doing so, they have a blueprint to continue to expand their digital footprint in the coming years and are in a better position to continue engagement with their organization.

Domestically, the City of Boulder, Colorado, has updated its website, all based on user feedback. This is a very smart approach as they understand how important it is to have not just a website but one that is user-friendly and what better way to create the navigation of the site than it is based on user feedback. 

These are two such examples of two geolocations strengthening their local presence by improving their digital presence.

Industries as a whole too are understanding this importance. The food industry as we all know is still continuing to make a comeback from being hit hard by the pandemic. Nobody could have expected or been prepared for what COVID was going to do to the industry. As the dust continues to settle, the landscape has changed and delivery and curbside pick-up have become a main point of revenue for many restaurants. Having a digital footprint to be able to order their food online is now essential and along with that, having a mobile presence when everyone is deciding what to eat is now the new battleground for patrons. 

Online grocery shopping and food delivery is fueling the future growth in food retail and customer engagement, digital engagement, frictionless store experience will be the drivers.

One such company in the food industry, Potbelly, is positioning themselves to elevate their brand position and the digital Potbelly experience with a new website and app. They saw a customer behavior shift to online ordering and decided to invest and shift resources in their digital platforms. This shows they understand the importance of their digital channels.

OnlineBusiness.com assists those who are looking to properly secure and improve their digital footprint and reach their customer base by educating them on the importance of acquiring and using their best possible domain name. This will only lead to more customer recognition and recall, allowing them to prosper during these challenging times.

To learn more about OnlineBusiness.com, visit their website or learn more by contacting the team directly at contact@onlinebusiness.com.

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