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Napping.com Releases ‘2021 Ultimate Guide to Buying a CPAP Machine’ Report

New York, NY – Over the past two decades, more studies have been conducted detailing the seriousness of sleep apnea. A study supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health showed that people with sleep apnea have a high risk of death. This study only begins to highlight the importance of understanding the symptoms of sleep apnea, the main one being snoring, and also the treatment of sleep apnea, which is normally treated by CPAP therapy. 

Napping.com, a media site that provides information and expert news related to sleep and sleep research, has recently released their latest report titled “The Ultimate Guide to Buying a CPAP Machine”. Included in the report is a comprehensive explanation of what a CPAP machine is and how it helps those diagnosed with sleep apnea. It also dives into the different types of CPAP machines and what to look out for when choosing a CPAP machine.

“Sleep apnea is a very dangerous condition, and a concerned individual may not know where to start in terms of knowing what to look for when buying their CPAP machine,” said Ethan Howard, Community Manager at Napping. “As a sleep expert in this space, we felt it necessary to curate a report that succinctly answers all of the questions someone who was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea may have.”

Napping.com covers all things related to sleep, sleep research, and sleep technology. Their latest stories provide expert advice and commentary on topics such as:

  • Sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea
  • The latest in the budding sleep technology
  • Baby and infant sleeping

“Napping.com is not just related to napping, though we have articles related to power naps and the benefits of, we cover everything related to getting the best sleep to live a better and healthier life,” said Howard. 

March is National Sleep Awareness Month and March 15th is National Napping Day and Napping.com has planned other announcements during this month to mark the occasion.

“It’s important to continue to raise awareness for the benefits of sleeping and napping especially during this pandemic as many people don’t point to their sleep as to helping to stay healthier and being more mentally sound,” continued Howard.

Their latest guide “The Ultimate Guide to Buying a CPAP Machine” is available now to download for free. For more information please visit Napping.com.

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