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OnlineBusiness.com Provides New Opportunities for Those Affected by the Pandemic

New York, NY (Press Release) – With unemployment rates continuing to rise in the US and many workplaces still not cleared for return due to the dangers of COVID-19, many people are looking to the digital space for further opportunities. 

And with the uptick in eCommerce transactions in the US where growth was a healthy 44% in 2020 more business opportunities abound for those who have been affected by the pandemic in ways that were unexpected. 

Spearheaded by a management team of over 50+ years of digital marketing experience, OnlineBusiness.com is looking to help those interested in finding those new opportunities in the digital space.

A quick search on Google Trends of the terms “start an online business” and “work from home” have seen a spike since the Pandemic which is unsurprising as many people were affected directly by the pandemic whether they lost their job, had an office closure and had more free time at home. 

There are also those who have worked in the gig economy prior to the crisis and are now realizing limited opportunities in the current times. This had led them to seek other avenues in the digital space to supplement their income.

“The Pandemic has had an effect on many businesses and livelihoods and what we want to do is help individuals who are looking to capitalize on this digital space opportunity to shortcut their way to building a brand,” said Patrick Santiago, VP of Strategic Partnerships.

“We have relied on digital technology to keep businesses (and our day to day) and industries afloat during these times such as zoom meetings, online food ordering, and grocery shopping. Building a brand these days must include a digital footprint,” continued Santiago.

OnlineBusiness.com provides business opportunities to obtain and acquire premium domain names and fully developed websites to help people find these opportunities and jump-start their business idea in any industry. It has allowed companies to jump-start by providing domains set up as a “Brand Starter”.

OnlineBusiness is led by three brothers who have been in the Digital space since 1998 with experience in many facets of the industry such as domain, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, and most recently in the digital marketing space, specifically in public relations with the PR company, Newswire.com.

It has a domain and website portfolio of over 2,000 domains with a valuation of over $1m+. 

Some of their notable domain names currently in their portfolio include Napping.com, Energize.com, and 3DPrinted.com.

“OnlineBusiness.com started with a vision to cultivate all of our experiences into a company that helps transform lives the way it did for us, and during these times, we are glad to be able to be in a position to continue to assist those looking to start their online business,” said Michael Santiago, founder.

To see the opportunities currently available, please visit OnlineBusiness.com.

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