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OnlineBusiness.com Lists the Top Domain Rebrands of 2021

New York, NY – OnlineBusiness.com, a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, reports on the biggest domain rebrands of 2021 to date. With extensive experience in the past relating to domain rebranding, OnlineBusiness.com emphasizes the importance of selecting the right domain name for a successful rebranding marketing strategy. 

When planning a rebrand one must always consider the updates to the website and specifically the domain name, determining if it has outgrown the current business model or if it has become limited to the brand. In most cases, companies will decide it’s time to upgrade their domain as part of the rebranding process. 

“Domain name investors and business leaders understand short, memorable domain names provide a stronger market position and greater credibility in the marketplace,” said Michael Santiago, Founder of OnlineBusiness.com. “As the market moves in a positive direction, it’s the perfect time for companies to explore brand upgrade opportunities and further improve their digital presence by securing the best domain name for their business.”

The following are this year’s top domain rebrands of 2021 to date:

Angel.com was purchased by Angel Studios earlier this year for $2M, making it the 2nd biggest domain sale of the year. It was purchased to be part of the Angel Funding brand which now redirects to invest.angel.com. Reducing the number of letters in a domain and making it a one-word domain keeps the brand more memorable and arguably increases its range in the market. Keeping the domain as AngelStudios.com would have been limiting to the new Angel Funding project and based on its price tag, Angel Studios understood the importance of the domain rebrand.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals purchase of Recursion.com also makes OnlineBusiness.com’s list of top domain rebrands of 2021. In an effort to match their brand name with their website name, Recursion Pharmaceuticals purchased the domain for just under $1M. This is a prime example of a domain being in the right place at the right time. And one that fit the needs of a company with forward-thinking of acquiring the best match domain for their business.

The rebranding of TransferWise is another notable rebrand as this company understood the limiting factor of its original domain TransferWise.com. And when the time was right, they rebranded to Wise.com. They were ambitious enough to undertake this rebrand knowing it was necessary to take their company to the next level, removing any limiting factors, and knowing they had outgrown their initial brand. This new domain now allows them to expand the business to other financial areas and not only be limited to money transfers.

All three companies saw the value in having the right domain for their business and the foresight to future proof their business growth moving forward. In a digital world like today, the domain name is the path or one’s “calling card”, to their audience and so it must match the brand name of one’s company.

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