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Known Wisdom Provides All The IT Needs Required To Expand Your Environmental Non-Profit

New York Dec.09, 2021 – Known Wisdom has all the bases covered when it comes to helping environmentally focused non-profits expand their client base, attract donors, implement new projects, and keep their data safe.

The Known Wisdom team of experts describes themselves as professionals who care about the environment. Many non-profits hit stumbling blocks in IT, Known Wisdom helps its clients overcome these issues and expand their businesses.

The first step in taking advantage of Known Wisdom’s IT skills begins with a free consultation where clients outline their needs. Four cornerstones of a running an effective non-profit that can be enhanced with IT are examined during the consultation: collaboration, reporting, exposure, and security.

At the heart of a successful organization is the ability of its team members to collaborate. Known Wisdom has a range of free IT tools that help its clients streamline collaboration, improve their output, and cut costs.

Reporting data demonstrates the achievements of a non-profit; the use of IT in this area can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of reporting. Known Wisdom can also step into the accounting side of a non-profit by implementing accounting software.

The internet has opened the door to a potentially limitless donor and client base for non-profits, but the door will remain locked without the right IT skills. Known Wisdom unlocks the door for its clients with expert insight into how a non-profit can improve its online visibility.

Increased online activity can come with increased exposure to potential online threats. Known Wisdom helps its clients remain safe online by protecting organizations from the ever-growing number of online threats. This level of security makes the non-profit more secure and, therefore, more appealing to donors.

Known Wisdom’s software support does not stop with security; they also offer their clients crucial back-ups services that prevent the loss of critical data in case of a system failure. Furthermore, website upgrades and system maintenance also fall within the Known Wisdom’s remit.

Clients can rely on Known Wisdom for support with new projects. Known Wisdom guides clients through projects, starting right at the idea’s inception to its execution.

New projects will often require documentation that meets standards set by bodies such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Known Wisdom guarantees that its client’s paperwork is up to standard. In addition, Known Wisdom can also produce marketing and technical documents for clients.

Anyone interested in the services provided by Known Wisdom should book a free consultation on their website



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