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IOTY.com Releases New Product Review Videos to Help Consumers

New York, NY (Press Release) – IOTY.com, a site dedicated to all things related to internet of things (IoT) and home automation, has added more product review videos to their YouTube channel. The videos review products related to smart home set-ups and home entertainment. IOTY seeks to educate their visitors on the latest news, trends and product reviews in the IoT and home automation space.

“With our latest product review videos, we provide more value and knowledge to our audience. We want to be the source for all things related to IoT and home automation,” said Adam Dreyfuss, Editor in Chief at IOTY.com. “Technology is moving fast and the adoption of IoT enabled devices is going mainstream. Our goal is to keep this growing community updated on the today’s news and information for tomorrow’s innovations.”

The video series reviews certain products and highlights the pros and cons of each as well as the top recommended product in that certain home space. 

IOTY also has a blog that is updated regularly to capture all news related to IoT from the web to keep their readers up to date on topics such as 5G and the impact IoT has in certain industries and markets.

IOTY.com also has a resource section that provides their recommendations for the best smart assistants, smart lighting and home security. 

To learn more, visit IOTY.com and subscribe to their YouTube Channel today.

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