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Increase Audience Engagement with Strategic Campaigns from Howling Amplify

In a space where attracting the right audience and finding ideal customers to attract, engage, and convert, it can be difficult for marketers to utilize all the right distribution channels at one time. Finding a solution that grows with their brand to utilize the best use of time and resources is key. There is a solution: Howling Amplify.

What is Howling Amplify?

A revolutionary content amplification engine, Howling Amplify provides focused, high-quality traffic by attracting audiences actively looking for specific products and services. Each campaign creates over 400 digital assets across major authority sites on the internet to create brand awareness.

Marketers use this platform to direct users to specific channels, gaining traffic using audio, slideshows, video, blog articles, news articles, and other tactics from sources like Google, news sites, YouTube, and podcast directories. Key information about products and services is promoted with buyer intent, increasing the ROI on each visitor.

“In today’s digital space, being able to connect with the right audience is key”. “Howling Amplify assists marketers, personal brands, and influencers with a proven strategy to track campaigns, gain insights and reach the people who want their services. It’s a perfect way to gain brand awareness in every area. Our platform raises the bar on what attracting and engaging looks and feels like through integrated campaigns showcased on the distribution channels where they need to be. One thing’s for certain – we get results.”

With a subscription to Howling Amplify, users are able to better understand the needs and wants of their audience with metrics that help shape every piece of content produced. This also gives clients a snapshot of where their efforts should be focused for monetization. A La Carte services are also available for just one campaign, providing a series of price-point options.

There are four subscription tiers. The Amplify Bronze includes one campaign per month at $299; Amplify Silver includes two campaigns per month at $500; Amplify Gold includes three campaigns per month at $600, and the Amplify Platinum includes four campaigns per month at $700.

Reaching the Right Customers

Users are able to provide key information about their businesses and what they want to promote. The platform assesses target audiences with their algorithm, creating niche campaigns that get traction. Clients get omnipresent brand awareness from multiple sources, doing all the heavy lifting. On average, marketers will save about 14 hours of manual work. Users can view real-time results on how their campaigns are doing with the comprehensive dashboard.

Howling Amplify takes the guesswork out of using the right distribution channels, adding perspective and insight. Marketers unaware of the power of social platforms get to have their campaigns showcased on YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Podbean, Buzzsprout, and other platforms. News outlets such as Bing, Google, NBC, Fox, CBS, State Journal, Star Tribune, and more.

Equipped with an online community, users are also able to ask questions, share ideas and start discussions to assist in the process. There is also a comprehensive knowledge-based of articles, user guides, and FAQs for the entire Howling Brands suite. There is no limit to the reach a marketer can have for promoting their brand utilizing the Howling Amplify platform. From creating the buyer journey to increasing visitor traffic, each interaction will be intentional and specifically vetted to attain the results needed to improve ROI.

In-depth information on what the platform does and its partnerships can be found on Facebook at Howling Amplify. To schedule a demo or speak to a representative about their services, visit the website at www.HowlingAmplify.com.

About Howling Amplify

Howling Amplify is a subsidiary of Howling Brands, specializing in Social Media Marketing & Management; Expert Web Design & Development; Virtual Assistant Services; Leads; and Reviews.

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