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Get on Stage and Leave a Lasting Legacy With Ken Krell!

Building a successful career in sales requires understanding the changes of the past year. Many have had difficulty adapting; however, successful techniques can be learned and effectively executed with the right training. Whether working with a physical stage or a digital one, leaving a lasting legacy and making a difference in the participants’ lives requires leveraging every opportunity to sharpen presentation skills.

This is where Ken Krell comes in. Mr. Krell has built a successful career in sales, selling on both physical stages and digital ones. He believes everyone can follow in his footsteps, building a successful career they can be proud of. To that end, he also offers his report, The 7 Deadly Sins of Digital Events, to highlight the pitfalls of digital engagements, ensuring marketers, coaches, and businesses can leave a lasting legacy.

How To Get on Stages Today

There are two different types of stages: physical and digital. Speakers with the opportunity to present from a physical stage benefit from seeing the faces of the audience, seeing how the crowd reacts to the message and tailoring the message to meet those expectations. Audiences typically stay put in the room once the speaker begins, and there are fewer distractions for the listeners than if they were seated in their homes in front of a screen. Eye contact, identifying pain points, and speaking to the benefits of products and services are key to more invites to future events.

On the other hand, digital stages present the speaker with unique challenges. There is less space to work inside the camera’s field of view than a physical stage. Audience reactions are hard to judge, and listeners can walk away from their screens at any time. For more opportunities to sell and increase the chances of future invitations, speakers will need to incorporate every tool they can to impact their audiences. 

Leave a Lasting Legacy

To make an impact when presenting courses, presenters must leave a lasting impression with their messages. There is only one chance to make a first impression, so the time spent on stage — either physical or digital — must count.

Ken believes sincerity goes a long way. Audience participants who feel genuinely cared for are more likely to pay attention to the message — and more likely to purchase products.

Garnering audience feedback is invaluable. Speakers who take the time to listen to responses and feedback show participants that their time and input are valuable. Even though it might be difficult to communicate this type of message in a digital environment, tools are available to gather this information. 

Ken Krell hopes to provide these tools and enhance the sales abilities of anyone wishing to learn. With some helpful advice, customized coaching, and hard work, he believes he can help dedicated business people, marketers, and entrepreneurs fully harness their sales abilities. 

About Ken Krell, LLC

Ken Krell is an experienced sales professional with more than four decades of experience selling products on physical stages and in the digital world. Whether it is online, over the phone, or in person, Ken Krell has shown the ability to get the job done. Now, he speaks at events, shares courses, and writes books that teach others how to sell. To learn more about Ken Krell, check out this website, visit the Facebook page, and contact Ken Krell today.

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